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Evil Schmurf

Featured Collection


EVIL SCHMURFSWatch out for "Evil Schmurfs" - the wickedly fun NFT collection featuring evil-looking Smurfs. These mischievous blue creatures have a dark side, with their twisted grins, sinister eyes, and menacing poses. Each Schmurf brings their own unique brand of evil to the collection, from sorcery to sabotage. Be careful - these Schmurfs may be cute, but they're definitely not cuddly!

Purchase this Pre-Made set of 250 Images and Also Receive Exclusivity for the Evil Schmurfs Set, Only you can Use Them and you Can request as Many More as you Want at a Discounted Rate.

How Does it Work

Pricing & Exclusivity

Pre-Made sets Start with 250 Images and Come with Exclusivity for the Collection. Even if you want 1000 Images, you would buy the 250 Collection and ask us to add 750 Images.

    All NFT Images are $1 Each
    Buy 250 or More for Set Exclusivity
    No Minimum or Maximum Purchase
    After Exclusivity Images are 50% Off!

Quality & (Over)Delivery

Each Image is 100% Unique and High Quality.If for any Reason you are not Satisfied with an Image we have a 10% Quality Assurance buffer! 

    Up To 10% Over Delivery Upon Request
    High Quality Image Guarantee
    Pre-Made Sets of 250 are Instant Downloads
    Your Satisfaction is our Goal

Need to be able to Mint these NFT Images? We can add a Minting Button to your Site or we can provide a Minting Site for your Collection.Purchase a Collection first and then you Purchase the Upgrade for $199 to Add a Minting Site or add a Minting Button to your Current Site.

Available Now

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Evil Schmurfs

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the Collections come with a Dapp, Metadata, or Minting Site?

    You are receiving the NFT images only. You will receive a compressed zip file of your entire NFT image collection. After purchasing a collection, you can purchase a Minting add-on for $199, we setup a site for Minting and/or a Minting Button for your current site.

  • What do the NFT collections cost, is there a bulk discount?

    $1 Per NFT Image up to first 250 Images from a Set, Purchase at least 250 of a Set to Receive Set Exclusivity.Once you have Set Exclisivity Each Additional Image is only $0.33!
    Example: An order of 1000 will cost $250 for Initial Set and Exclusivity...Then only another $247.50 for the other 750 Images!The Total for a 1000 Piece High Quality Unique NFT Collection is only $497.50!

  • What payment options do you provide?

    We offer a variety of payment methods. We accept cash(local), and the majority of credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Paypal. If you would like to pay in Crypto please reach out to us before making purchase to work out the details, there may be a small premium for paying with Crypto.


Want a custom NFT, more/less than 250 NFT's, or you would like to pay with Crypto? Reach out.

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